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Usability in the Library: Mirlyn (VuFind) Reports
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About the Project
VuFind is the open-source "next generation" system that has been adapted for use as our new public
discovery tool.
Mirlyn “Available Online” Label Guerilla Test (February 2011)
Link to pdf
The goal of this guerilla test was to determine which of four labels (three alternate labels, in addition to the
current “available online” label) denoting online availability is preferred by patrons, taking time to ensure that
patrons understand the range of situations currently represented by the "available online" label. We also
solicited suggestions for alternate labels from participants.
Mirlyn Search Satisfaction Survey (February 2011)
Link to pdf
The primary purpose of this survey was to gather information about how satisfied patrons are with search
results in Mirlyn and whether satisfaction levels vary significantly between categories of users (i.e.
undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, etc.). The survey was designed to measure satisfaction with
searching overall and with two different kinds of searches: known item searches for specific items a patron
already knows about and subject searches for items about a particular topic or subject.
VuFind Modified Card Sorting Labels Test (December 2008)
Link to pdf
The goals for this test were to solicit suggestions from users for labeling facet categories, determine how
users perceive the relative importance of facets, and determine how many narrowing terms users would like
to see within each facet.
VuFind Look-n-Feel Guerilla Test (November 2008)
Link to pdf
The goal for this test was to evaluate how users perceive the catalog when it is and is not embedded into
a page with navigation tool bars located at the top of the library's homepage.
VuFind Login Guerilla Test (November 2008)
Link to pdf | Link to pdf of test data
The goal for this test was to determine how users perceive login when using the catalog, and at which
access points it is best to force a login decision.
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