62  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Campus media (newspaper, radio, TV) 5 10%
Local media (newspapers, radio, TV) 1 2%
Other 20 39%
Please specify other tools or outlets.
Agenda item at student advisory board meeting.
Class assignments for an Information & Computer Sciences class.
Contact with student groups on campus.
Department chair recruited candidates at faculty meeting.
Direct contact with relevant constituents.
Discussion with leaders in stakeholder areas to identify key participants.
Electronic signage.
E-mail addresses retrieved from circulation records.
For one study, we approached students as they entered the library, offering Hershey bars in exchange for their time
filling in a quick survey about what they did while in the library that day.
Graduate Student Organization helped with initial recruitment.
In-person recruiting in high traffic areas.
On home page and 12 other library web pages.
Project website as well as library home page.
Students recruiting participants.
Students within a specific course.
Table set up in lobby to recruit volunteers.
The Dean of Libraries consulted with other deans and student offices for assistance in identify potential participants.
We call this a “guerilla” survey, where staff rove throughout the learning commons areas and ask students to engage
with them about a topic, in this case a small placard promoting our services.
Word of mouth.
Worked closely with campus colleagues who run learning management systems and train faculty in their use (helped
market to faculty).
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