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No special funding was necessary.
There were also contributions from other support units and academic departments.
We used Survey Monkey and contributed staff time to design, implement, and compile the data.
Assessing the User Experience
22. What tool(s) did/will your library use to evaluate or inform the user experience? Check all that
apply. N=51
Surveys 27 53%
Focus groups 24 47%
Usability testing 21 41%
Anecdotal comments 16 31%
Suggestion box (physical or online) 9 18%
E-mail 5 10%
Design charrettes 4 8%
Social media 4 8%
Furniture trials 3 6%
Audio diaries 2 4%
Instruction session evaluations 2 4%
Video diaries 1 2%
Online discussion forums/message boards 1 2%
Other tool(s) 15 29%
Please specify other tool(s).
Analysis of existing data. Phone interviews.
Individual card-sorting sessions.
Interviews with participants were recorded and transcribed for analysis and use in writing the final report.
Interviews—both student and faculty—photo diary, mapping exercise, web page redesign activity.
Log file analysis.
Site visits to other institutions.
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