18  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
1. Has your library engaged in any user experience activities as defined in the introduction during
the past three years? (Examples include administering surveys, facilitating advisory boards, leading
outreach activities, creating user experience positions/units, etc.) N=71
Yes 70 99%
No 1 1%
If yes, were these activities one-time/project-based or ongoing or both? N=69
Project-based 7 10%
Ongoing 6 9%
Both 56 81%
Evaluation of the Visitor Experience at the Library of Congress.
Planning for development of new Taylor Family Digital Library that brings together library, archives, museum, and press
together in new ways and also brings Student Services into the building and more solidly in the mix of services. Planning
a renovation of our Health Sciences Library. Both projects involved research on the user experience.
We’ve used surveys of users in both paper and electronic formats, including LibQUAL+® and in-house surveys.
Our efforts are pretty much focused on outreach activities.
Student assessment of library skills course; active marketing department.
A UX Librarian position was created in October 2009. We administered the LibQUAL+® Lite survey in the spring of
2010. In addition, a UX office, a physical space, was created in January 2010. The UX office has collaborated across
departments to do informal surveys, as well as, an ethnographic study of the research activities in one building on
At the J. Willard Marriott Library, we do a biennial Library Satisfaction survey in the spring semester about activity and
satisfaction within the library. The Library Satisfaction survey is a one page print survey completed inside the Marriott
Library gathering demographic information such as major, department, and visitor type. Most questions on this survey
use a Likert scale with a couple of open-ended questions for comments. The LibQUAL+® survey is done every four
years. We have done focus groups to gather more data on specific issues from LibQUAL+® data. The library has done
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