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We used Morae software to record and analyze the user interviews which captured video and audio of users in process.
Worked with a design engineering class. The renovation was the focus of one of their projects. Individual interviews.
12. Did/will your library send a direct invitation to potential participants or have an open recruitment
of library users to participate in this activity or use both methods to recruit participants? N=69
Open recruitment 18 26%
Direct invitation 14 20%
Both 37 54%
13. What tools or outlets did/will your library use to recruit library users to participate in this activity?
Check all that apply. N=69
E-mail 49 71%
Library web page 42 61%
User contact from subject specialist/faculty liaisons/bibliographers 41 59%
Posters and/or flyers 36 52%
Social media 19 28%
Giveaways (bookmarks, pens, pencils, etc.) 18 26%
Campus media (newspaper, radio, TV) 18 26%
In-house media (library newsletters, for example) 17 25%
Cover letter attached to survey 15 22%
Local media (newspapers, radio, TV) 2 3%
Other 15 22%
Please specify other tool or outlet.
Announcements to Senate members and Senate Committee members. The current Assessment Librarian is the elected
librarians’ representative to Senate through 2011.
As we receive critical feedback from users, we typically contact them after we have attempted to improve some issue
they addressed. We will invite them to serve as usability test or focus group participants.
Asked for participation by users in the reading room. Graduate student project leader invited classmates to participate.
Electronic signage.
Faculty of Music meetings with all user groups, undergraduate student newsletter in the Faculty of Music.
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