15.d, 21 Includes Law and Health Sciences libraries only.
Includes Biomedical, Central, Divinity, Law, Management, Music, Peabody, Science &
Engineering, and Special Collections libraries. Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 2,991,563 to
reflect addition of a 22,973 volume e‐bookcollectioninLawLibrary,and4,375EEBOrecords.
1.b.i Includes 9,111 e‐booksinEighteenthCenturycollectionsonlineaddedin2004‐05byLawLibrary.
2 E‐bookcollectionpurchasedwithsingleorder emphasis on journal purchasing.
4 Includes open access and other free e‐journalsnotcountedbefore KnowledgeBase makes more
accurate count possible.
Excludes the UVa College at Wise Library.
Includes Art &Architecture and Veterinary Medicine libraries.
Includes the Law and Medical libraries, except where noted. Medical library includes Health
Sciences Library, Social Work Library, Harborview Medical Center, and Regional Medical Library
(National Network/Libraries of Medicine. Excludes Bothell and Tacoma campuses.
1.b.i Decrease due to 2003‐04figurecountinge‐booksforthefirsttime.
2, 21, 31 Figures unavailable for Law Library.
4 Increase due to additional e‐serialsubscriptions.
24, 25 Figures available only for Law Library and Medical Library.
33 Previous years incorrectly included in‐libraryuse.
34, 35 Includes books loaned to and borrowed from Cascade‐Orbisconsortiummembers.
41 2003‐04figurewasinaccurate current figure is from the UW Office of Institutional Studies.
Includes WSU Vancouver, WSU Tri‐Cities,WSUEnergyLibrary,WSUSpokane,andWSU
Intercollegiate College of Nursing. Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 2,197,160.
1.b.i Includes e‐booksforthefirsttime.
4 Decrease due to serial cancellation project.
21 Figure reflects one‐timeexpendituresonly. Excludes monographs.
23.a Includes large authority control project (OCLC) costs.
24 Received a one‐timeallocationforcomputerhardware.
26.a Three FTE positions abolished on the Main Campus for general faculty salary increases.
34‐35 Due to a consolidation of a new Access Services unit, data are unavailable until 2005‐06.
Includes Biology, Business, Chemistry, East Asian, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Mathematics,
Music, Physics, and Social Work libraries.
4 Decrease due to 2003‐04countincludingsomeserialsinaggregatordatabases. Also, some
duplicate titles cancelled in print if title is received in electronic form.
15.c Includes $693,569 expended for electronic monographs.
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