$252,410 (25) $101,106.
15.c Increase due to maps, electronic backfiles (JSTOR), and memberships (CRKN and DLI) being
included for the first time.
15.d Increase due to brokerage, shipping, and handling expenditures that were counted under (15a) in
25 Decrease due to a consortial interlending system (RACER).
All figures are as of March 31, 2005 and include the William R. Newman (Agriculture),
Architecture/Fine Arts, D.S.Woods (Education), Elizabeth Dafoe, Donald W. Craik (Engineering),
Neil John Maclean (Health Sciences), St. Boniface Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, Grace
General Hospital, Concordia General Hospital, Seven Oaks General Hosptial, E.K. Williams (Law),
Albert D. Cohen (Management), Eckhardt‐Grammattee(Music),St.JohnʹsCollege,Fr.Harold
Drake and Sciences and Technology Libraries. Law and Health Sciences data cannot be
disaggregated from the rest of the ARL Statistics. Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 2,125,287.
1.b Includes e‐books.
4, 4.a Serials from aggregated packages excluded from 2003‐04,butincludedin2004‐05.
15‐25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,755,902 (15b) $5,299,257 (15c) $251,947
(15d) $645,739 (15) $7,952,845 (16) $115,978 (17a) $4,500,640 (17b) $5,065,751 (17c) $708,600 (17)
$10,274,991 (19) $1,646,623 (20) $19,990,437 (21) $519,750 (22) $3,077,170 (23a) UA/NA (23b)
UA/NA (24) $331,235 (25) $232,868.
15.b 2003‐04figureincludedsomeexpendituresonprintserialsthatweredoublecounted.
32 2003‐04figureincludedreserves 2004‐05figuredoesnot.
33 2003‐04figureincludedinternalcirculationandshouldberevisedto552,383.
Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 3,182,973 to include 100,000 e‐booksaspartoftheEEBO
collection in 2003.
2 Increase is a one‐timejumpreflectingachangeinthewaymonographsdataarecounted.
26 Total FTE includes cost recovery positions, but not special projects or grants.
34, 35 2003‐04figuresrevisedto(34)16,297 (35) 28,804.
Includes DuBois Library, Integrated Science and Engineering Library, and the Music Reserve Lab.
Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 3,169,283.
17.c Includes $119,855 in federal work‐studyfunds.
36 Excludes 43 Ed.D. degrees awarded.
37 Excludes 1 Ed.D progra, and 1 Au.D. (professional degree in Audiology) program.
Includes all branches in the MIT Libraries system.
15.d Figure includes postage and service charges for serials.
All figures are as of May 31, 2005, except for enrollment data (lines 39 42), and include Otto G.
Richter Library (central library) and its branches (architecture, business, math, music, and remote
storage facility) and the law, marine, and medical libraries at the University of Miami.
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