9 Manuscripts and archives reported in cubic feet.
15.d Includes memberships ($163,184), ILL ($33,446), in‐housebindingsupplies($13,060),and
bibliographic utilities ($116,445).
17.b Decrease due to changes in positions and organizational units following retirement incentive
program, as well as elimination of several positions previously supported through special funds.
21 Increase due in part to purchase of several large digital collections.
22 Decrease due to more thorough exclusion of funds spent on aggregator journals excluded from
subscription counts.
24 Increase due to special funding not available in 2003‐04.
The Main library includes statistics from the River campus Libraries as well as statistics from the
Sibley Library of the Eastman School of Music. The Health Sciences Library statistics are from the
Edward G Miner Library of the School of Medicine and Dentistry. Volumes held June 30, 2004
revised to 3,265,087 to include 148,325 volumes acquired from Swasey Library, Colgate Rochester
Divinity School.
3 For 2,480 volumes the basis of the count was physical.
4.a, 4.b Main library reports (4a) 21,394 (4b) 932 Health Science Library data unavailable.
7 No retroactive government document records were loaded in 2003‐04,sothisfigurehasnot
9, 24 Data not available from Sibley Library.
15.c Includes scores, recordings, microforms, and backfiles.
18 Fringe benefits are included for all but $636,346 of salaries and wages.
29 148 of total based on sampling.
30 2,900 of total based on sampling.
32 Figure excludes recordings.
33 Figure excludes recordings and no longer includes self‐renewalstatistics.
Includes two Law libraries, services to a non‐RutgersmedicalschoolandcampusesinCamden,
Newark and New Brunswick.
4.a Increase due to purchase of e‐journalpackagesandcatalogingofindividualtitleswithinthe
10‐13 Audiovisual Materials figures cannot be disaggregated. Total audiovisual is 144,030.
17, 26 Excludes staff hired for special projects and grants.
23.a Increase due to payments made over multiple years and moving cataloging from RLG to OCLC.
All figures are as of April 30, 2005 and include the Main Library plus Education, Engineering,
Natural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine branch libraries. Excludes Theological College libraries
on campus that are not part of the library system.
1.b Decrease due to weeding project.
4 Changes in database have enabled more accurate reporting of electronic materials.
15‐25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $2,122,006 (15b) $5,659,104 (15c) $0 (15d)
$195,186 (15) $7,976,296 (16) $93,817 (17a) $3,096,030 (17b) $3,114,477 (17c) $337,072 (17)
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