Crookston, University of Minnesota Duluth, and University of Minnesota Morris. Volumes held
June 30, 2004 revised to 6,119,734 to include revised collection counts and government documents
added to OPAC.
1.b Includes e‐books.
1.b.ii Reflects duplicate withdrawal project.
2 Count reflects monograph titles ordered, not volumes.
4 Increase reflects more comprehensive counts of electronic serials and standing orders.
4.a Increase due to the correction of an error in the method of counting electronic serials and standing
orders in the library system.
7 Adjusted for 5,358 volumes added to OPAC.
11 Breakdown for Audiovisual materials not available. Total AV materials count, including Health
Sciences and Law, is 857,110.
15.c Increase reflects expenditures on backfiles of electronic serials.
19 Overall increase largely due to change in University budgeting for support services for library
21 Decrease reflects a decline in the purchase of computer files as defined, plus a more accurate count
of expenditures on this class of materials.
24 Increase largely due to change in University budgeting for some support services for library
31.a Reference transactions are mainly counts some unitsʹfiguresareestimated.
38 Full‐timeprimarilyinstructionnon‐medicalfacultyreportedin2004‐05EAPsurvey.
41 Includes all post‐baccalaureate(graduate/professional).
Includes Vet‐med,Math,Geology,Newspaper,Journalism,Engineering,Archives,andHealth
Sciences libraries. Health Sciences data cannot be disaggregated from the rest of the ARL Statistics.
4.a Figure reflects a more accurate count of TDNet serials.
15.b Includes $773,414 from University Wide Library System office for E‐Serials/databases.
17.a Includes $194,267 of S&W from University Wide Library Systems office allocated to MU
19 Includes $143,546 for MERLIN catalog system from Library Systems Office, and $681,485 in capital
projects from gift funds/salary savings.
22 Includes $773,414 from Library Systems Office from University wide funds for E‐Serials/Databases.
38 Decrease due to not counting any faculty that are Research Faculty, as opposed to ʺteaching
faculty.ʺ Only IPEDS SA Fall Instructional Faculty counts were used.
All figures are as of May 31, 2005 and include: Aménagement, Bibliothéconomie et sciences de
sciences humaines, Livres rares et collections spéciales, Mathématiques et informatique, Médecine
vétérinaire, Musique, Optométrie, Physique, Dépôt central.
1.b Decrease due to weeding at Ecole Polytechnique Library, which has moved into a new building.
4.a Increase due to a revised figure at HEC Montreal.
15‐25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $2,991,897 (15b) $8,576,085 (15c) $105,744
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