24 Increase due to the purchase of software and scanning equipment for 2004‐05.
26.a 2003‐04figurerevisedto128toincludegraduateassistantsinadvertentlyexcluded.
26.b 2003‐04figurerevisedto140.
All figures are as of August 31, 2005 and include the Architecture Library, Museum Library,
Geosciences Library, Education Library, International Cultural Center Library, Vietnam Archive
Library, and the Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library. Volumes held June 30, 2004
revised to 1,930,563 to include books from the Education Library not previously included. The
formula of ʺ10 traditional volumes per footʺwasusedtocalculategovernmentdocumentsatthe
University Library.
All figures are as of April 30, 2005 and include the following libraries: Architecture, Astronomy,
Business Information Centre, Criminology, Dentistry, Family and Community Medicine, Industrial
Relation, Information Studies Forum, Innis College, Knox College, Law, Massey College, Mounst
Sinai Hospital Library, Music, New College, Physics, Royal Ontario Museeum, Regis College, St.
Augustine Seminary, St. Michael College, Trinity College, University College, U of T at
Mississauga, U of T at Scarborough, University Schools, Victoria University, and Zoologu.
Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 10,101,550 due to recount of materials.
1.b.ii Numerous materials were weeded in 2004‐05.
4.a Includes electronic serials.
8 Increase due to the acquisition of a large collection.
15‐25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $8,660,326 (15b) $11,805,665 (15c) $4,298,749
(15d) $0 (15) $24,764,740 (16) $445,951 (17a) $12,777,836 (17b) $16,634,316 (17c) $4,056,892 (17)
$33,469,044 (19) $7,678,993 (20) $66,358,728 (21) $1,067,114 (22) $2,874,228 (23a) $426,687 (23b)
$0 (24) $4,129,180 (25) $187,989.
15.d Library materials from trust funds are included in questions (15a) through (15c).
25 Includes Main Library only.
34 An increase in ILL/Document Delivery activities was due to (a) the re‐openingofResourceSharing
Section at U of T at Scarborough Library after renovation was done and (b) the introduction of an
automated ILL Request system.
40 Decrease is due to the fact that effective fall 2004, the University no longer reports OISE/UT part‐
time Additional Qualification students. This has resulted in a significant downward adjustment to
the multi‐yeartimeseries.
Due to damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University was unable to submit data. The
2003‐04dataappearinstead,withthelibraryʹspermission. These data include the Architecture,
Business, Law, and WomenʹsCenterlibraries,aswellastheMedicalbranchcampuslibrary.
1.b Decrease due to Main Library withdrawing 13,519 duplicates.
4 Law Library data unavailable.
7 2003‐04figurerevisedto879,319.
8 Main library withdrew 1,882 volumes.
9 Decrease due to 13,867 Architectural Drawings withdrawn.
15.c Includes Health Sciences Library only.
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