26.a Main Library figure includes one grant‐fundedFTElibrarian.
26.b Main Library includes 9 FTE contract and grant cost recovery staff.
29‐31 Data unavailable for Law Library.
Includes Main, Science, and Law libraries. Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 4,114,611 due to
the addition of several e‐bookpackages.
24 2003‐04figuredidnotincludeMainLibrary.
1.a Includes government documents that are catalogued, classified, and housed separately.
24 Figure reflects replacing all computers in the libraryʹsmainlab.
26.a, 26.b Decrease due to an internal re‐interpretationoftheclassifications.
33 Data previously available to compute this figure are no longer available following transfer of
circulation, bibliographic, and other data to integrated library system Voyager.
All figures are as of April 30, 2005.
1 Collections of electronic books that the Library ʺownsʺ but has yet to catalogue and make ready for
use are not included in this figure. One example would be Eighteenth Century Collections
1.b Figure reflects a move to electronic periodicals, and space constraints (especially in the Libraryʹs
storage facility).
4.a Decrease from 2003‐04figureisduetoarevisioninthemethodofdeterminingthenumberofprint
serial subscriptions the Library is adding to its serial holdings, especially in the area of electronic
journals, and no cancellation project has been undertaken.
4.b This is the number of free electronic journals available through the Libraryʹswebsite.
15‐25 Expenditures as reported in Canadian dollars: (15a) $1,295,621 (15b) $3,809,019 (15c) $473,521
(15d) $322,209 (15) $5,900,370 (16) $31,375 (17a) $2,613,844 (17b) $3,102,668 (17c) $272,734 (17)
$5,989,246 (19) $1,912,197 (20) $13,833,188 (21) $430,868 (22) $3,271,913 (23a) $34,304 (23b) $0
(24) $544,143 (25) $151,447.
15.c Includes one‐timepaymentsfromtheserialsledger(e.g.forperiodicalbackfiles)andthoserelated
to electronic books (either not owned by the Library or not yet catalogued).
19 Increase due to payments made under the Universityʹs ʺVoluntary early retirement and
26 Decrease due to the fact that some staff took advantage of the Universityʹs ʺVoluntary early
retirement and resignationʺprogram.
29 Increase due to the strategic importance given to promoting information literacy.
31 Includes all types of reference interactions: in‐person,phone,FAX,emailandvirtualreference.
32, 33 Excludes circulation counts for materials in Archives and Special Collections.
36 This is the number of PhDs awarded between November 1, 2004 and October 31, 2005.
38 Figure reflects relevant faculty as of September 2004.
42 Increase is not thought to be significant, as the number of part‐timegraduatestudentsisquite
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