Huntington Free Library Native American Collection.
15.d Includes expenditures for shipping.
22 Figure is estimated increase due to the separation of expenditures for those most expensive e‐
serials, which were previously characterized as print expenditures.
26 Excludes staff in positions that were temporarily vacant. Includes professional, support and
student staff on grants and projects.
31 One library could not report, and another was relocated during a renovation for half a year. Two
33 Decrease due to the fact that reserve transactions were excluded for the first time. Includes Annex
material charges made at campus libraries, which were mistakenly excluded from the 2001‐02
through 2003‐04figures. As in the past, includes ILL and some staff transactions.
40, 42 Employee degree only.
1.b Increase due to an abnormally small amount of weeding of printed volumes in 2004‐05.
2 Estimate based on number of payment lines includes serial backfiles.
4.a May be high for electronic journals, where free titles are estimated.
4.b Electronic portion of this is a (low) estimate, based on USGPO serials and free packages identified
in Serials Solutions.
17 2003‐04figuresrevisedto(17a)$3,518,762 (17b) $3,372,468 (17c) $480,808 (17) $7,372,038.
19 2003‐04figurerevisedto$1,710,768.
20 2003‐04figurerevisedto$16,387,776.
9 Excludes the University Archives which is not administered by the Library.
20 Excludes $553,000 grant for the provision of electronic library resources to public schools.
21 Decrease reflects special funding support in 2003‐04forelectronicresourcesfromWiley
23.a Decrease reflects a pre‐paymentmadetoPALINETforOCLCin2003‐04.
24 Increase reflects the purchase of equipment for the libraryʹinstitutionalrepository.
26 Excludes professional and support staff in Information Technologies assigned to the Library.
Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 4,781,425 due to the previous omission of e‐booktitles.
1.b.i, 2 Decrease due to implementing new workflows in a new ILS.
23.a, 23.b Decrease reflects a correction to inaccurate responses submitted in 2003‐04.
All figures are as of August 31, 2005, and include Oxford College Library and the Theology
Library. Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 3,028,303 to include 136,209 e‐books(Eighteenth
Century Collections Online) added to the online catalog during 2005.
4 Theology Library serials of 1,545 are not broken down into purchased (4a) and received, but not
purchased (4b). Main Library and Oxford were broken down as follows: Main: (4a) 13,636 (4b)
13,652. 2003‐04figureswereoverlyinclusive,containingtitlesinaggregatorsandreceivedthrough
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