35 Figure was unavailable for 2003‐04.
36, 37 Data can vary from year to year.
Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 5,271,857 to include 70,792 volumes added to base for
purchased e‐bookcollections.
1.b.i Includes 67,404 regular additions plus 26,426 e‐booksfromsourceslikeIEEEandSPIE,and
NetLibrary owned titles.
4 Main library reported (4a) 11,396 (4b) 11,739 others U/A.
23.a Includes Health Sciences Library only.
Includes University Libraries, ASU West, ASU Polytechnic, and Law Library. Volumes held June
30, 2004 revised to 4,091,558 to include: an increase of 32,883 due to corrections for over reporting
in 2003‐04 addition of three large e‐bookrecordloadsintoonlinecatalogduring2004‐05
correction for double reporting of a netLibrary load an internal spreadsheet calculation error in
2003‐04 20,125 e‐braryrecordsloadedMay/June2005 15,350 additional Eighteenth Century
Collections Online (ECCO) records loaded March 2005 627 Knovel records loaded May 2005.
15.d Includes: Conservation/Preservation ($19,101) Memberships for purposes of publications
($104,922) ILL/Document delivery ($17,505) uncataloged office copy language dictionary ($63).
All figures are as of September 30, 2005. Volumes held June 30, 2004 revised to 2,903,974 due to
purchase of ECCO.
1.b.ii Decrease due to withdrawal of duplicate journals at VetMed Library.
2 Figure reflects purchasing patterns for collection managers during 2004‐05.
4.a Figure reflects decrease in on‐lineonlyserials.
4.b Decrease due to exchange program that doesnʹtrequireholdingofadditionalperiodicals.
7 Based on shelf measurement rather than bibliographic records.
12 Added NAXOS music collection.
15.a Decrease in approval shipments.
15.c Indexes and abstract databases changed to this category.
23.b Estimated number based on cost if not provided by consortia.
24 Expenditures for new Digital Resources Lab outfitting included in 2003‐04.
25 Data in (23a) was erroneously included here in previous years.
31 Added additional service point and improved data collection.
35 Decrease in requests due to improved library holdings.
42 More graduate student shifting from full‐timetopart‐time.
4, 7, 11, 23.b Main and law library data unavailable.
6, 8 Excludes special collections (reported with main library statistics).
15.d Includes main library only.
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