7 Totals for past few years had been reported as if volumes rather than pieces. 2004‐05figurehas
been converted to piece count as per instructions.
15.d Includes Law and Health Sciences libraries only Main Library data unavailable.
21 Previous yearsʹtotalshavebeensignificantlyunder‐reportedbynotincludingelectronicbackfiles.
22 Figure reflects the change in billing for primary format of many serial subscriptions, now having
electronic as primary format with print as the add‐on.
24 Increase due to increase in computer hardware and software purchased for grant‐fundedprojects.
32 Includes Music/Media Library and Chemistry Library as well as Theology (no data was reported
for Oxford).
4.a Increase due to first year electronic serial counts being available and reported.
33 Main library closed for renovation.
38 Figure reflects UF Common Data Set, which may not be comparable to previous years.
Includes Strozier Library (Main), Dirac Science Library, College of Law Library, College of
Medicine Library, Allen Music Library, Goldstein Information Science Library, Panama City ARC,
Panama Branch Campus Library, and Ringling Museum Library.
1.b Decrease due to the purchase of e‐booksin2003‐04thatwasnotrepeatedin2004‐05.
1.b Decrease due to a major weeding project in 2003‐04.
1.b.ii Main Library withdrew 8,204 in 2004‐05duringinventory.
2 Eckles library switched approval vendors the transition delayed purchase and receipt of
4 Main Library erroneously reported this figure as 12,005 for a 2003‐04correction. In 2004‐05,Main
Library increased access to the number of electronic journals via SFX, taking advantage of ʺfree or
nearly free with print.ʺ
6 Main Library did not count individual rolls of microfilm and individual sheets of microfiche for
government document serials prior to 2004‐05.Otherserialsonmicrofilmandmicrofichewere
counted by individual titles. This is being resolved for 2005‐06.
10 The large number in 2003‐04wasduetotheMainLibraryclearingoutalargebacklogof
unprocessed maps.
15.b Main Library used a new methodology to run a retrospective report on serials expenditures (paper
and electronic), which resulted in the 2003‐04totalbeingrevisedto$2,951,733. 2004‐05figure
includes the cost of FirstSearch and Lexis‐Nexis.
15.c For 2004‐05,MediaexpendituresfortheMainLibrarywereaggregatedinwiththemonograph
expenditures (15a).
15.d Main LibraryʹsexpendituresforFirstSearchandLexis‐Nexisarecountedinserialsandelectronic
expenditures (15b).
19 Includes an expenditure of $358,157 for cost recovery, special projects and grants, and temp
services staff. FTE for temp services staff is reported in (26).
21 Includes mostly one‐timepurchasesandexcludesserials.
24 In 2004, Main Library implemented a spending freeze on IT purchases to address a budget
shortfall. The freeze on IT purchases ended in 2004‐05.
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