98 · Representative Documents: Collection Management Strategies
UW-Madison Libraries Campus Collections Plan
Materials held in any of the GLS collections, or other campus resource libraries (such as Law, Ebling, etc.)
may be considered part of the storage plan or may be considered for transfer to other campus
Selection for the shelving facility will be done at the levels of specificity appropriate for the materials.
There is demonstrated low use of the title based on circulation, browsing and other usage statistics.
There are no duplicates of the title in the same format in other active campus library shelving or campus
The title is available in the same format from a consortial partner.
For titles with duplicative local electronic coverage, the vendor license provides for ownership of the
online format with perpetual access rights.
Active shelving locations which are at or above capacity, hindering collection browsing and collection
Materials which make a significant change in space available within our active collections may be
considered for a shelving facility (i.e. larger collections, sets, etc.).
Criteria for Withdrawal of Materials:
UW-­‐Madison Libraries’ are dedicated to retaining as much unique content as possible in our collections. The
following guidelines may be considered when determining whether to withdraw a title:
Last print copies may be withdrawn if we have formal agreements with consortial partners we will not
withdraw copies for which we have the retention obligations
Title is available through electronic coverage accessible on campus, with ownership/perpetual rights.
There is a duplicate copy of the title in any format, including microformats, in another UW-­‐Madison
library shelving location or from consortial partners.
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