58 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
HathiTrust. We have not started to deploy this although we anticipate doing so in the next couple of years.
We dedup against lists of materials other libraries have put into FLARE.
We withdraw multiple copies of titles and do not attempt to replace some missing items based on various criteria, too
numerous to list here.
38. Are any print materials excluded from consideration for deaccessioning because of their condition,
completeness, format, or subject area? N=51
Yes 29 57%
No 22 43%
If yes, please briefly explain the criteria for excluding material. N=28
Subject area N=20
19th century English literature
Abridged Index Medicus (AIM) titles
Art resources, local government publications
Faculty-identified high-demand subjects remain on site.
Local interest
Many subject areas
Materials in special collections
Paper science, translations and their original language holdings
Select subject areas will likely be fully or partially excluded.
Special Collections (3 responses)
Special collections, government documents
Special consideration is given to Latin American materials.
Those that have a unique connection to the university.
Unique Canadiana
University collection areas of distinction or emphasis
Usually retain Mormon materials
Veterinary medicine some specific government agencies
Condition N=6
Advanced deterioration
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