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Tri-University Group of Libraries Preservation of Last Copy Agreement
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Electronic and Paper Journals
A) Definition of Secure Archival and Perpetual Access for Electronic Journals
For the purposes of this agreement, the following definition of secure perpetual access
for electronic journals shall be used. An electronic copy of a journal may be deemed to
be the preservation copy where the first three criteria below are met:
1. Where there is local loading and archiving of all volumes/issues on the Ontario
Scholars Portal.
2. Where the content of the electronic copies of each individual journal does not
materially differ from the printed editions. For greater clarity, the following
features shall be used when comparing editions:
a. Electronic edition shall have the identical numeric arrangement (volume and
issue) and table of contents as the printed edition
b. Electronic edition shall have the same article content as the printed edition,
including article title, abstract, author and other bibliographical content, all
editorials and references/works cited lists
c. Front matter (such as subscription information) and advertisements shall
not normally be considered.
3. Where there is a signed formal license agreement with the Publisher guaranteeing
perpetual access to all pertinent content on the publisher's server (redundant
perpetual access).
While not required, a fourth criterion may be considered by TUG Libraries to
determine whether an individual electronic journal meets the standard of a
‘preservation copy’.
4. Ideally, where there is an 'escrow' clause in the license agreement that requires
the publisher to provide copies of all electronic volumes/issues directly to the
library if requested.
B) Weeding of Paper Copies of Journals Where Secure Perpetual Electronic Copy
1. Where the criteria in A) above are met for all three libraries, the TUG Libraries
may weed all paper copies from their collections. The electronic copies located on
the Ontario Scholars Portal shall be deemed to be the TUG Last Copy.
2. In addition, where there does exist a secure electronic copy for a particular
journal for all three libraries, no new equivalent print copies of the journal may be
relocated to the Annex. As with above, the electronic copy located on the Ontario
Scholars Portal shall be deemed to be the TUG Last Copy.
C) Application of TUG Last Copy Agreement to Paper Serials Where No Secure
Perpetual Electronic Copy Exists
1. Where the criteria in A) above are not met for one or more of the TUG Libraries,
new unique print volumes and/or issues of a journal may continue to be located
in the Annex by the library that does not possess secure and perpetual electronic
2. Where more than one TUG library does not have secure perpetual electronic
access to a given journal title, the libraries concerned shall jointly determine
which institution’s holdings shall be placed in the Annex.
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