62 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
42. Please indicate which channels are used to communicate to library staff or an external audience
decisions about which print materials to deaccession. Check all that apply. N=47
Channel Library staff External audience N
Presentations to groups 37 15 37
One-on-one meetings 30 13 30
Website 13 12 16
Talking points 6 8 11
Informational materials 10 6 10
Press releases 2 4 4
Other channel 8 7 12
Total Responses 46 29 46
If you selected “Other channel” above, please describe the channel and the intended audience.
Library Staff
For JSTOR deduplication, selectors review title lists.
Staff intranet
Staff meetings
There is a paper form that travels with the item to be deacessioned.
External Audience
Subject librarians communicating with academic departments in their areas of responsibility.
Targeted email to faculty, department chairs, library representatives in the academic departments.
The Last Local Copy Withdrawal Bulletin is a key communication channel.
Email to librarian staff and external audience
Library catalog. Email to library staff and occasionally to inform faculty.
Additional Comment
Deaccessioning is a very loaded term for faculty, therefore not communicated widely.
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