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How to Request Materials from PASCAL
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requests are kept on our hold shelf for 10 days. If the material hasn't been picked
up in ten days, it is returned to the storage facility.
Materials from PASCAL generally follow the same checkout rules as materials
housed in libraries on campus. If you can check out a book from Norlin for 28 days,
a PASCAL book will also check out to you for 28 days. Bound journals circulate for
7 days to most patrons.
How to Request Special Collections materials in PASCAL
Special Collections materials in PASCAL are requestable through the Chinook
catalog, as described above. However, these materials may only be used in the
Special Collections department under staff supervision. You will be contacted by
staff from Special Collections to make an appointment.
How to Request Microfiche
Microfiche housed at PASCAL may be requested directly in Chinook, the online
catalog. When you find an item you would like to order, simply click the REQUEST
IT! Button and the fiche will be delivered to the main Circulation desk in Norlin the
next business day. You should receive an email letting you know that the fiche has
Example record: http://libraries.colorado.edu/record=b3651508
If there is no REQUEST IT! button, look for a link to a Microfiche Request From
displayed in the record.
Example record: http://libraries.colorado.edu/record=b1055687
Again, the fiche will be delivered to the main Circulation desk in Norlin the next
Business day. You should receive an email letting you know that the fiche has
How to Make Special Requests (large numbers of items for browsing purposes, etc)
Please contact the Head of Access Services, or the Manager for Circulation and
Media Services, at 303-492-7477 to make arrangements for any special PASCAL
access needs you may have.
PASCAL Bay 2 Photographs
Michael Kelty, Photographer
1. Overhead view looking toward exit
2. Overhead view looking down
3. Ground view showing workman and equipment
Scheduling a visit to PASCAL
If you would like to visit the University of Colorado’s off-site storage facility at
PASCAL, please call the PASCAL Manager at 303-724-1114 or 1115 to schedule a
time. There is a reading room available at PASCAL and materials may be checked
out directly from PASCAL, if you have your UCB identification card. Please note,
however, that materials stored at PASCAL cannot be browsed as they are stored by
size, not subject classification.
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