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General Guidelines for Identifying Items for Storage
General Guidelines for Identifying Items for Storage
18 May 2007
These guidelines are not intended to be discipline-specific, but are to be interpreted as
general rules for the automatic removal of materials to the Remote Storage facility. There
may be exceptions to these guidelines depending on discipline.
1. JSTOR titles: Print copies of titles included in JSTOR packages should be removed
with respect to the moving wall in JSTOR.
2. Print/digital journal overlap: If the electronic version of a journal is available, the print
should be removed.
3. ASU Theses and Dissertations: with the purchase of the ProQuest Dissertations and
Theses Full-Text, the print copies of these should be removed.
4. If there is a current edition for a monograph that supersedes previous editions held, the
previous editions should be removed.
Discipline-specific decisions must be made by subject liaisons. Here are some ideas of
things to be taken into consideration when evaluating materials for storage (revised from
other policies):
A. Periodicals and electronic resources may be sent to Remote Storage when:
The library has only fragments of a title which do not justify the cost of filling out
the run with an alternative format.
A title has not been currently subscribed to for more than ten years and its value is
A title has not been currently subscribed to for at least five years and the related
programs have been discontinued.
B. Due to space limitations and in the interest of keeping the materials most relevant to
the support of the ASU curricula and research needs readily available, materials not
supporting current ASU curricula or that are less in demand due to age or topic are
moved to remote storage at the discretion of the collection librarian or library liaison.
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