SPEC Kit 337: Print Retention Decision Making · 75
Policy No.: 3. Duplicate Copies
The Library
Policy No.: 3
Approval Date: September 2012
Last Revision: Draft, June 20, 2012
Responsible Executive: Associate University Librarian, Collections
Title: Duplicate Copies
Background &Purposes:
UBC Library purchases materials that support the teaching and research interests of the
University of British Columbia. To provide the broadest possible range of materials to support
this focus, while also taking into account user needs and limitations of budget, space and staff
resources, UBC Library does not generally purchase, or accept as gifts, duplicate copies of
This Policy applies to a duplicate, multiple or added copy, which is defined as an exact replica of
an item. Duplicate materials may be available in more than one format (e.g. print, microform,
electronic, audio or video). A version that contains new, deleted, or revised information is a
different edition and, therefore, not considered a duplicate copy.
Governing Principles:
Duplication is generally avoided however, there may be situations in which subject
bibliographers decide to duplicate items in different formats. Where the decision is made to
duplicate a print title, electronic versions will generally be the preferred format, taking into
consideration factors such as cost, amount of use, ease of use, storage space, preservation,
quality of illustrative content, availability to remote or simultaneous users, and frequency of
Exceptions to this Policy of not acquiring duplicate copies will be considered on an individual
basis by the appropriate subject librarian, including in the following circumstances.
Material that has demonstrated or anticipated high use (e.g. multiple holds, including
materials on course reserve or in reference)
Items for which an archival copy must be retained and does not circulate
Items that are unique to Vancouver, British Columbia or Canada
Items required by students in more than one library location
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