40 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Please briefly describe the other e-format or repository. N=2
Scholars Portal perpetual holdings is a significant player for the local decisions to shift to the Annex. This will occur if
an item should be retained in print, but we do not feel it will frequently be accessed in print. Outside of JSTOR, TUG
Information Resources group has not tried to factor e-holdings into the rationalization process.
26. Please indicate which channels are used to communicate to library staff or an external audience
the decisions about which print materials to include in the remote shelving facility. Check all that
apply. N=44
Channels Library staff External audience N
One-on-one meetings 27 18 30
Presentations to groups 37 22 38
Press releases 3 15 15
Informational materials 15 13 18
Talking points 10 10 16
Website 22 25 27
Other channel 4 2 6
Total Responses 44 34 44
If you selected “Other channel” above, please describe the channel and the intended audience.
Library Staff
CIC website and in future webcasts
E-memos to campus, direct emails to faculty liaisons in academic departments
We posted the proposed strategy on the staff intranet and asked department heads to share and discuss it with staff in
addition to numerous committee meetings in which it was vetted.
External Audience
Conference presentations nationally and provincially about our shared print initiative
Our faculty and student advisory committees were used to communicate with external customers at the time of
inception of the remote shelving facility. We had presentations to staff and met with individual faculty and departments
at that time as well. Subsequent transfers after year 1 have only been covered by our static website giving the selection
criteria. We do not communicate about individual titles.
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