122 · Representative Documents: On-site Shelving Strategies
Collection Retention Working Group: Report and Recommendations
Recommendation: Create a Collections Coordinator position to oversee collections issues,
strategies, and assessment (urgent).
Recommendation: Create a collection management processes team to centrally manage the
de-duping, moving, and withdrawing workflow and related processes. This team will
support the decision-making process of the selectors to facilitate a more consistent and
efficient workflow (short term).
Recommendation: Generate and distribute regular reports related to collection
Reinstate the missing/lost and withdrawal process (short term).
Missing items reports should be reviewed on a regular basis and titles evaluated for
replacement (continuous).
Duplicate item lists should be reviewed on a regular basis and materials evaluated for
retention and location (continuous).
Recommendation: Generate regularly scheduled collections reports for review as
determined by selectors, which will include reports on duplication, circulation, and other
relevant data to aid selectors in identifying materials for annexing and withdrawal
V. Increase leadership in cooperative decision-making.
Recommendation: Identify and review existing and proposed consortial and print retention
agreements to ensure awareness and adherence (continuous).
Recommendation: Adopt a more proactive role in defining consortial or shared print
obligations, standards, and strategies (continuous).
Recommendation: Develop standard policies, processes, and workflows for current and
future consortial agreements (short term).
Recommendation: Register and participate in the CRL Print Archives Preservation
Registry (http://www.crl.edu/news/8274) (short term).
Recommendation: Assess the need for closer consortial relationships with Commonwealth
partners (short term).
Recommendation: Explore and move forward on shared print repository and consortial
relationships within Pennsylvania, PALCI, ARL, etc. (medium term).
11 For example, in a phased approach by call number ranges, annually or biannually.
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