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Consolidation and Retention Policy for Print Journal Runs
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Rutgers University Libraries Staff Resources:
Collection Development:
Consolidation and Retention Policy for Print Journal Runs
Rationale: As major journal collections continue to move to digital format, the Rutgers
University Libraries will organize print journal runs across the system for retention and access.
This collection development policy governing print journal runs is complementary to the
existing policy covering print indexes and abstracts. Print journals as a class of materials are
subject to all other RUL collection development policies such as the last copy policy. Going
forward, print journal runs will be evaluated holistically in consultation with selectors.
The goal of this policy is that RUL will retain one complete contiguous archival print run
regardless of the availability of digital backfiles. This final complete run will be housed in the
appropriate research collection, or in the library annex, at selector discretion.
Consolidation into one archival complete run of each title would be the first step. All duplicates
can be withdrawn and discarded. Campuses would have the option of retaining an additional
run if justified by selector/campus coordinator in consultation with the AUL for Collection
Development and Management. Print would be the format of choice for retention over
microfilm/fiche subject to issues of physical condition. When the archival tradition has been
microfilm/microfiche format, existing practices can be continued.
Where current print journals are still received on subscription, the corresponding back print
runs will remain at that location until such time as no further print is received. In the case of
the last copy of an existing current print subscription, an evaluative process will ensure that
one copy of print remains in the system.
Systemwide collection development team leaders would review and make decisions on any
print journal titles that cover areas that are general or otherwise not assigned to a subject
selector. Interdisciplinary titles would require consultation between appropriate selectors on all
campuses before final decision is made.
Any exceptions to this policy will be discussed with the AUL for Collection Development and
Management and appropriate selectors.
Approved: January 19, 2012
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Last updated: January 30, 2012
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