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Joint Library Facility. Interlibrary Lending
http://library.tamu.edu/pdfs/JLF- ILL Policies for Joint Library Facility.pdf
The borrowing library agrees to:
Pay return shipping charges
Be responsible for loaned material from the time of receipt until the item is returned
and received at JLF
Replace or pay for materials lost
Cover repair costs for damaged materials or replacement costs for any irreparably
damaged items. Replacement charges for lost materials are $225 for each book.
OCLC IFM or DOCLINE EFTS is the preferred method of payment
Invoices to non-IFM or EFTS participants are sent monthly
We also accept IFLA voucher for international libraries
Texas Libraries
USPS, Texpress, Odyssey and Email Free
Fax Free
U.S. Libraries
USPS, Odyssey and Email $9.00
Fax $12.00
Canadian and other non-U.S. libraries
$11.00 U.S Dollars or
2 IFLA Vouchers +$10 USD for postage
Odyssey and Email $9.00 U.S. Dollars or
2 IFLA Vouchers
Fax $14.00 U.S. Dollars or
2 IFLA Vouchers
U.S. Federal Libraries
Free up to 1,000 requests per fiscal year. Federal library charges apply once the 1,000
limit has been reached.
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