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Shared Print Archive Network Member Agreement
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2.7. Original Form. Archive Holders agree to maintain all of the archived materials in their original,
artifactual form whenever possible.
2.8. Review of Materials (Validation): Archive Builders agree to examine all newly-archived materials
according to the requirements for the level of validation specified by the Management Committee for
the archive type.
2.9. Holdings disclosure: Archive Holders agree to take all steps reasonably necessary to cause all of the
archived materials, and information about their accessibility to potential users, to be registered in union
catalogs and other applicable system(s) as established by SPAN disclosure policy.
2.10. Access to the Materials: Archive Holders agree to make the materials available to SPAN libraries
and other institutions to which the Archive Holder lends materials in accordance with the applicable
Interlibrary Loan policies and procedures of the Archive Holder as follows
2.10.1. Reproductions: Archive Holders agree to fulfill requests for photocopies/electronic delivery of
any of the archived materials.
2.10.2. Building Use Only: Original materials may only be provided for onsite use at the Archive Holder
library or at the requesting library.
3. Financial Obligations
3.1 Financial Support to the COPPUL SPAN Program: SPAN members agree to provide financial support
to SPAN through payments to the Administrative Host as specified in an annual budget and cost-sharing
formula developed by the SPAN Management Committee and approved by the COPPUL Directors.
3.2. Financial Support to Archive Builders: Archive Builders receive funding from the SPAN program to
help support their services as Archive Builders if approved and budgeted by SPAN.
3.3. Absorbed Costs: SPAN libraries agree to be responsible for all of the costs and expenses associated
with maintaining the materials, contributing holdings to other Archive Holders (including transportation
costs), and deselecting materials from local collections.
4. Withdrawal
4.1. Withdrawal of a COPPUL SPAN Member: At any time after completion of its first five years of
participation, a SPAN member may withdraw by providing written notice to the Management
Committee at least twelve (12) months prior to its intended withdrawal date. The SPAN member must
continue to pay any required participation fees during the 12-month notice period.
4.2. Archive Holder Withdrawal: If an Archive Holder withdraws from the COPPUL SPAN or can no
longer maintain the materials, the Archive Holder agrees to offer the materials to another Archive
Holder and to transfer any accepted materials to the Archive Holder at the initial Archive Holder’s
expense. The Management Committee may waive this requirement if it determines that the materials
no longer need to be archived.
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