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These backfiles are compiled through two processes: a proactive “call for holdings” followed by a longer
term passive “gap filling” process. The call for holdings is designed to assemble the majority of the
volumes in a backfile in preparation for validation.
The “call for holdings” is usually done on an annual basis for the entire list of titles that the Archive
Provider is scheduled to work on that year. Contributions from member libraries are made in response
to a call for holdings from an Archive Provider. Contributions are made in the same year that the call is
issued by the Archive Provider to expedite the archive creation process.
To prepare the call for holdings, the Administrative Host supplies the Archive Provider with a list of
journal families that the membership has agreed upon for that year. The Archive Provider reviews
bibliographic records for existing holdings, identifies gaps and prepares a formal request for
contributions from WEST member libraries. Templates for preparing the holdings level analysis and
formal call can be supplied by the Administrative Host.
In general, the Archive Provider will call for holdings from libraries that are directly affiliated within the
same library system or consortia to simplify the contribution process. If contributions cannot be secured
within those groups, the Archive Provider can issue a second call for holdings in the same period to
other WEST members.
Archive Providers do not call for holdings beyond WEST (in keeping with an optimal copies approach to
archiving.) After a second call for holdings in the same period, the Archive Provider discloses gaps in the
collection which are used later to prepare a “wish list” for future gap filling efforts.
Filling Gaps (Bronze Archives)
Lower risk titles are not validated for completeness or condition (Bronze Archives).
Archive Provider’s for these titles simply disclose existing holdings (as currently recorded in bibliographic
records). Archive Providers are not expected to proactively fill gaps to assemble a complete run. WEST
members may work directly with Archive Providers to contribute holdings to fill in gaps, if mutually
agreed upon.
Archive Providers for these titles are typically chosen based on the depth of holdings as indicated in
bibliographic records for the ISSN. The Library or Storage facility in WEST with the deepest holdings is
recommended to serve as the Archive Provider.
Additional Considerations
Optimal Copies
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