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WEST: Collections Model
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volumes are held within WEST for more recent years, it is advisable to compile them in the same effort
as the backfile consolidation effort.
Government Documents, Initially Excluded
Government documents of all types are initially excluded from WEST’s selection criteria.
Value Added Services
Journal backfiles that are only available in print may be good candidates for digitization and digital
curation to enhance access to these titles, secure the scholarly record and facilitate contributions. The
Trust could seek to manage relationships with the publishers for these titles. Digitization might be
staged in different ways:
1) One touch approach. Digitize while validating.
2) Use-­‐based, trigger-­‐event approach. When a volume is requested for a particular WEST backfile,
digitize the entire backfile.
3) Library selection-­‐based approach. WEST libraries periodically identify backfiles in the Trust to be
Collection Decision-Making
Decisions about the collections are made by a Collections Council on an ongoing basis. The titles that will
be incorporated in to the Trust are made periodically via a Collection Voting Model administered by the
WEST Project Manager with support from the Administrative Host. Title sets will be routinely identified
by ongoing collection analysis conducted by or under the direction of the Project Manager and referred
to the Collections Council. Titles may also be nominated by WEST member institutions. Nominations are
submitted to the Project Manager and considered by the Collections Council. Further description of the
roles and responsibilities for the Collection Council can be found in the Governance structure for WEST.
Decisions are expected to be made on an annual basis but may be made less frequently after the Trust
has been established for a few years.
Types of decisions may include:
Prioritization of sets of titles and title nominations within each selection category
Balancing holdings and contributions among partners
Satisfying diverse partners’ collection management needs and collection planning
Managing contribution problems
Consultation on collection-­‐related issues, particularly when value added services are applied to
Trust holdings
Archive Locations and Principles for Title Contributions
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