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E-Only Strategy
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E-Only Strategy
The UBC Library collections standard is increasingly shifting towards purchasing new resources
in online format wherever possible. This has been the norm for our journal collections for some
years and the transition is now spreading to our book collections as well.
Tight budgets have led the Library to review our resources ever more carefully. Duplication and
overlap has been reduced wherever possible and hard decisions about cutting some resources
are being faced. The biggest challenge is finding ongoing funds for materials that have price
increases beyond the inflation rate every year. Equally difficult is finding funding to support new
titles, programs and platforms upgrades.
The Library has been increasingly canceling print subscriptions for serials titles in favour of
providing the online format only. In some cases, the advance to online has afforded us access
to a deeper archive of online content than we hold in print. The library will continue to
transition titles as we are able to negotiate stable access with publishers and our consortia
partners. In some cases, the Library has had to cancel journal subscriptions entirely due to
budget restrictions. Contact your liaison librarian for alternate resources if the journal you are
interested in is no longer part of our subscriptions.
View the list of journals that have been cancelled or transitioned to the online format here.
Learn more about what you are able to do with our licensed resources here.
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