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Depository Policies
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Depository Policies
March, 2002 revised July, 2008 January 2013
The Five College Librarians Council adheres to the principle that the Depository is a trusted repository and that all collections
transferred to the facility are considered persistent deposits. Designating the FCLD collections as persistent is intended to give all
Five College libraries and Affiliate Members the assurance that they can withdraw duplicates of deposited items from their campus
collections and rely with confidence on access to the copies placed in the Depository.
The policies contained in this document have been developed and approved by the Five College Librarians Council. They provide
the basis for the Five College Libraries to share an off-site periodical and book storage facility leased from and maintained by
Amherst College. Items stored in the Depository by the University remain the property of the University. Items given to the Depository
by the four colleges become the property of Five Colleges, Inc. Implementation of these policies is the primary responsibility of the
Depository Manager, who is responsible to the Librarians Council.
Governance 1.
1.1 The Five College Librarians Council is the governing body for the Five College Library Depository.
Participation 2.
2.1 Full participation in the Five College Library Depository is restricted to member libraries of Five Colleges, Inc. Libraries outside
the Five Colleges may apply for Affiliate Membership (see 18. below)
Facility Leasing 3.
3.1 Five Colleges, Inc. will lease indefinitely approximately 10,000 square feet from Amherst College, the owner of the Depository
3.2 Expansion of Five Colleges, Inc. Depository space will be negotiated with Amherst College at that time when the Five College
Librarians Council deems such expansion necessary.
Facility Maintenance 4.
4.1 Amherst College is responsible for the physical maintenance of the Depository facility.
4.2 The Five College Librarians will establish standards for the maintenance of the Depository and negotiate with Amherst College
for the adherence to such standards.
Operational Costs 5.
5.1 Ongoing operational costs of the Five College Depository not covered by grants or outside agencies will be borne by the five
colleges and apportioned on the “11ths” formula used by the Five College Librarians Council. This formula may be changed with the
consent of the Five College Board of Directors.
Ownership of Deposited Material 6.
6.1 Five Colleges, Inc. will assume ownership of materials deposited in the Five College Library Depository by Amherst College,
Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, and Smith College and will retain or dispose of such materials in accordance with
guidelines approved by the Five College Librarians Council.
6.2 The University of Massachusetts Amherst will retain ownership of materials deposited in the Five College Library Depository.
6.3 All volumes deposited by Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College and the University of
Massachusetts Amherst may be counted as being owned by each institution for the purposes of reporting statistics to national and
regional organizations.
Deposit of Materials in the Depository 7.
7.1 The Five College Library Depository will be used primarily for the storage of little- used periodicals and books owned by the Five
College Libraries.
7.1.1 Requests to deposit Five College library materials other than little-used periodicals and books will be considered,
provided that the materials circulate normally and can be efficiently stored within the existing configuration of trays and shelving.
Such requests will require the approval of the Five College Depository Advisory Group in consultation with the Five College
Librarians Council.
7.1.2 The Five College Depository will not be used to store rare and valuable books and periodicals.
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