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Requesting Materials
Requesting Materials |ASU Libraries
https://lib.asu.edu/services/request[10/3/13 11:14:23 AM]
How to request materials owned by ASU Libraries:
Enter the Online Catalog and conduct your search: http://library.lib.asu.edu/.
Click on the entry you wish to request.
Find and display the complete record for the title.
Click the button which is displayed at the top and bottom of your screen.
Choose a library pick-up location from the drop-down menu and click the button.
If there are multiple entries for a single title, mark the one you want and click "REQUEST SELECTED ITEM".
The message "Your request for [TITLE] was successful." verifies that your request was sent.
The book you request will be pulled from the shelf and taken to the Circulation Desk of the Library you selected.
Note: The button will not display if the item cannot currently be requested. Check with the
Circulation Desk for additional information on these items.
How will I be notified?
By e-mail if your library record includes your e-mail address.
By campus mail if your library record does not include your e-mail address and you work for ASU.
By US mail if you library record does not include your e-mail address and you do not work for ASU.
Online: Track status of requested item. Items that have arrived will have a status of "Ready. Must pickup by
Items that are not picked up by the date noted are returned to the shelves of the owning library.
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