SPEC Kit 337: Print Retention Decision Making · 121
Collection Retention Working Group: Report and Recommendations
should be done carefully and with reliable and relevant data provided to selectors to
inform decisions (continuous).
Evaluate inventory system (locator system) in the annexes to improve flexibility and
efficiency (medium term).
Recommendation: Develop scenarios for long-term use of the annex based on changing
uses of central library spaces, shared repositories, de-accessioning, and new acquisition
models (medium term).
Recommendation: Evaluate materials delivery services and discoverability and ensure they
meet current user needs (continuous).
Recommendation: Establish guidelines and best practices for deciding on the use of annex
space in light of space concerns, new acquisition models, and cooperative and shared
collections (short term).
Recommendation: Begin planning for additional storage capacity that meets archival
storage standards and ensures more effective management of remotely stored materials (long
III. Support the role of selectors in making data-informed decisions to manage collections
in all locations
Recommendation: Commitment to appropriate and sufficient data for retention decision-
Selectors need good data on circulation, in-house usage, as well as holdings information
from appropriate repositories and national holdings in order to make withdrawal and
annexing decisions as part of de-duping and withdrawal projects. (continuous).
Recommendation: Allocate staff resources to gather data, assess, and analyze collections
and the use of space. This was also recommended in the space consultants’ report.10
Recommendation: Develop an assessment toolkit/website with links to trusted print and
digital repositories, retention agreements and other resources that will support selectors’
collections assessment needs, including agreements for: CIC, HathiTrust, PALCI Print
Repository, USAIN, government and international organization documents depository
requirements. (short term).
Recommendation: Develop educational programming and discussions about collections
management, annexing, de-accessioning, and the reliability of consortial repositories (short
term and continuous).
IV. Centralized, efficient processes for collection development and management
10 Boomgarten and Straley, p. 29.
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