26 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
If yes, please briefly describe which reports. N=4
Data from ARL about other libraries’ storage facilities
OCLC for extent of holdings
OCLC Print Management at Mega Scale, ARL Statistics, Ithaka faculty survey 2012/13
12. Were there any specific challenges in crafting your library’s communication strategy? N=24
Yes 5 21%
No 19 79%
If yes, please briefly describe the challenge(s). N=5
Communicating with department chairs has not always resulted in information diffused to larger department.
Communication should have been more proactive and strategic.
Deciding how to describe what a closed facility means for a major research library.
External communication was limited until finalized plans and signed agreements were in place. This led to delay in
communication to external stakeholders.
Faculty and grad student unhappiness about the move to storage
13. Were there any points of internal or external resistance to transferring print materials to your on-
site shelving area? N=28
Yes 15 54%
No 13 46%
If yes, please briefly describe the nature of the resistance. N=15
A few stakeholders felt uninformed about the library’s plans. These issues were resolved after specifics of plan and
access procedures were clarified to faculty.
Concerns about ease of access (including reliability of automated storage and retrieval system), and some resistance to
material not being available for browsing.
Faculty and grad students in affected subject areas were unhappy with the move of resources from open shelving.
Faculty and student desire for immediate open access to materials at the shelves and browsing at the shelves.
Initially, concerns about accessibility of the collections. Users may make requests via an online form and has proven to
be mostly a non-issue.
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