22 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
If yes, please briefly explain the criteria for excluding material. N=13
Format N=7
Excluded microforms.
Focus is on print serials. Other material types have not in the past two years been routinely moved to storage.
Limited to print monographs and/or serials.
No photographic materials no monographs, including rare books no serials from Special Collections
Placed a limit on the number of oversized items, usually no loose issues of periodicals, no microforms, no graduate
Rare books that require security and/or appropriate environmental controls.
So far, no non-paper materials
Condition N=6
Damaged items that need extra protection items with incomplete bibliographic records.
Had to be mold-free and have a good binding.
Mold or similar damage sent to quarantined storage area.
No brittle books (materials in facility must be service-ready).
Rare or valuable materials
Unimportant material in poor condition
Subject area N=5
For our first facility, we have several titles that were not considered because of the loss of browsabilitiy and other
concerns by our patrons.
Full runs of Abridged Index Medicus (AIM) titles are maintained in the medical library.
High-value rare books
Limited to subject targets, particularly areas of over-crowding.
No TR classification of any format
Completeness N=4
Entire sets preferred over individual volumes.
Had to be bar-coded.
Only Last Copy titles are added to the Annex.
Selected superseded material
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