204 · Representative Documents: Material Retrieval Request Procedures
Joint Library Facility. Interlibrary Lending
http://library.tamu.edu/pdfs/JLF- ILL Policies for Joint Library Facility.pdf
Interlibrary Lending
Who May Use Interlibrary Lending
Interlibrary Lending is conducted between libraries, and not between JLF and the
individual. JLF loans materials to other libraries for their patrons use.
Loans and Loan Period
Two months (60 days) with renewal
JLF will deliver loaned material by USPS and TExpress. JLF pays delivery charges for
outgoing loans with the exception of FedEx which the requester must pay.
Three overdue notices will be issued after due date. Invoices will be issued 21 days
after due date for materials which have not been returned.
Delivery, Cancellations, and Returns
Delivery: Most requests received at JLF during business hours are processed the next
business day.
Document Scans/Copies:
o JLF will deliver copied material by Odyssey and Email.
o JLF will deliver loaned material by USPS and TExpress. For urgent requests
FedEx can be used but only at the shipping cost of the borrower.
o The borrowing library must notify JLF within seven days following submission
if a photocopy request has not been filled.
o JLF Directory will follow up with institution regarding excessive repeat
request per day.
o Limit of 50 pages per scanning request.
o Limit requests to no more than 3 chapters from the same book or 3 articles
from the same journal issue.
o Interlibrary loan service will not be provided to libraries with delinquent
o JLF will not fill Clinical Emergency (Urgent Patient Care) requests because the
retrieval process that cannot be implemented on demand.
o Due to the potential for large daily volume of ILL requests, it is not possible
for JLF to cancel a request once it is received.
o JLF suggests that returned materials be insured or registered and return
receipt service used.
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