158 · Representative Documents: Collaborative Shelving Facility Strategies
WEST: Collections Model
Page 13
Governing body for WEST Collections
WEST Collections Council
A WEST Collections Council, a special council within the Operations Committee, consists of one
representative from each Archive Provider and two representatives appointed by the Executive
Committee from among all Borrower/Contributors. (The total number of representatives depends on
the number of Archive Providers.) The terms of appointed members shall be determined by the
Executive Committee.
Responsibilities of the Collections Council are to:
Refine the Collections Model, when needed, in response to WEST partner’s evolving
Refine selection criteria, Title Categories and Archive Type assignments
Refine validation standards appropriate for different Archive Types
Prioritize sets of titles and title nominations for continued development of the WEST
Balance responsibility for holdings among Archive Providers
Advise on diverse partners’ collection management needs and collection planning
Consult on collection-­‐related issues
Prepare public relations statements related to the collections
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