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Shared Print Archive Network Member Agreement
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COPPUL Shared Print Archive Network Member agreement page 2
from four (4) libraries participating in the Network, including representation from various sizes of
libraries, more than one province, various areas of expertise (e.g. Library Director, Technical Services,
Collections Management, etc.), and of Archive Holders, Builders, and Supporters. The COPPUL Executive
Director will provide support to the Management Committee. At least one COPPUL Director will serve
on the Committee in order to liaise with the COPPUL Directors. Management Committee members are
appointed by the COPPUL Board of Directors and serve for staggered two year terms.
1.7. Administrative Host: Administrative Hosting, such as program management, member support, and
fiscal agency, will be provided by COPPUL, through the COPPUL office. The COPPUL SPAN will function
as a program of COPPUL, subject to approval by the COPPUL Board of Directors.
2. Archiving
2.1. Selection process: Decisions about which titles will be incorporated into the COPPUL SPAN and
where they will be preserved are made via a periodic Collection Model administered by the SPAN
Management Committee with support from the COPPUL office. Title sets will be routinely identified and
prioritized by ongoing collection analysis. Titles may also be nominated for archiving by SPAN libraries.
Journals will be categorized as Low- ,Moderate- ,or Higher-Risk based on their availability electronically,
rarity, and relevance to the region (Western Canada).
2.2. Retention period: Archive Holders agree to maintain SPAN archives for retention periods specific to
the archive type: Low-Risk, until December 31, 2022, Moderate-Risk, until December 31, 2036, and
Higher-Risk, until December 31, 2036. These dates are known as the SPAN Retention Date and represent
a period of 10 or 25 years from the beginning of the SPAN program. The Management Committee will
review and may modify the SPAN Retention Date every five years if agreed upon by unanimous vote
within the Committee. Retention commitments survive membership in SPAN.
2.3. Ownership: Participants will retain ownership of the materials for which they are the Archive
Holder. Materials which are relocated to an Archive Holder will become property of the Archive Holder
(preferably through a gift process). Archive Holders agree not to sell, discard, donate, or otherwise
relinquish ownership or control of any of the archived materials prior to the Retention Date, except to
transfer materials to another COPPUL SPAN Archive Holder or with permission of the Management
2.4. Withdrawn materials: Libraries that withdraw their own material (books or journals) to contribute
to SPAN may wish to track those items as "withdrawn in lieu of storage" for their own reporting
purposes. It is possible that these copies "withdrawn in lieu" may still be counted by some organizations
(ARL, CARL, etc.) as part of their extended collection even though they will be owned by the Archive
Holder, they will be subject to shared management as a result of the SPAN agreement.
2.5. Contributing holdings: Participants agree to use their best efforts to contribute holdings in a timely
manner via physical transfer of materials from local collections to complete the archived backfile held by
any Archive Holder.
2.6. Archiving Facilities: Archive Holders agree to maintain SPAN materials in archival locations suitable
for the archive type, as established by the Management Committee. Archiving facilities are defined to
include 1) campus library shelving (for lower-risk items) 2) library locations with controlled access and
appropriate environmental conditions and 3) separate high-density library storage facilities (for rare
and higher-risk items).
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