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Shared Print Archive Network Member Agreement
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Shared Print Archive Network
Member Agreement April 2012
The Council of Prairie and Pacific Libraries’ Shared Print Archive Network (SPAN) is a distributed
retrospective print repository program. Participating libraries consolidate and validate print journal
backfiles and monographs at major library storage facilities and selected campus locations. The Network
and archiving program may be expanded to include prospective (i.e. current) collections in the future.
Initial phases of the Network will proactively focus on journal backfiles, with a much less managed,
optional process for retention and preservation of scarcely held monographs in member library
Terms and Conditions
1. Participation and Governance
1.1. Participation: COPPUL member libraries (not including affiliate members) will be eligible to join the
SPAN in its initial phase. In future phases of expansion, affiliate members of COPPUL, other academic
libraries, research libraries, and library consortia serving the Western region of Canada may also be
eligible to participate.
1.2. Term of commitment: In order to promote stability of the Network, participants agree to join for an
initial five (5) year term. The initial term will be April 1, 2012 March 31, 2017. The agreement renews
automatically for another five year term.
1.3. Archive Holders: Participants that commit to retain materials under the SPAN program are known
as Archive Holders. Once a participating library’s holdings have been analyzed through the SPAN
program, the library is eligible to serve as an Archive Holder beginning in the following year.
1.4. Archive Builders: Participants that agree to proactively build archives by calling for, receiving,
validating and ingesting holdings according to standards developed by SPAN are known as Archive
Builders. Once an archive is built, the Archive Builder becomes an Archive Holder for the title.
1.5. Archive Supporters: Participants that support the stewardship of the scholarly record in the region
but do not retain physical archives locally under the SPAN program are known as Archive Supporters.
1.6. Management Committee: The SPAN is a program of COPPUL. It is run by a Management
Committee that oversees operation and development of the Network, works to integrate the Network
with related archiving programs nationally and internationally, recommends solutions related to
holdings disclosure and access/delivery, and develops and monitors a process to select titles for
inclusion in the COPPUL SPAN archive. The Management Committee is composed of representatives
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