SPEC Kit 337: Print Retention Decision Making · 55
Circulation Services, Collection Maintenance unit developed the criteria and procedures for automatic shifting to the
Annex. Based on reports meeting the criteria approved by the Information Services &Resources Departments, they
transfer the material.
Collection Assessment Coordinator (review lists, research duplicates)
Collection coordinators (#9), database management unit (review lists, research duplicates).
Library information technology staff, e.g., in Systems. They play a role in generating data for informing the decision.
Tech Services staff (select material, review lists, research duplicates)
Technical and Automated Services (develop selection criteria, research duplicates)
The coordinator, collections management would be involved in developing selection criteria and researching availability
in other repositories.
There is a head of collections position at OSUL, as well as an AUL position. Staff in the Collection Management Section
and sometimes other staff work with lists developed based on criteria. They pull and compare pieces for condition
review, research duplication etc.
Two: Head, Collection Development Collection Development Coordinator (develop selection criteria, review lists).
37. Please indicate which strategy is used to select print materials for deaccessioning. Check all that
apply. N=53
Title-by-title review using lists (no review at the shelf) 36 68%
Title-by-title review at the shelf 35 66%
System-generated list of titles with little or no title-by-title review 23 43%
Group selection based on type of collection (e.g., age of publication, specific location, specific format) 23 43%
Other strategy 17 32%
Please briefly describe the other strategy. N=17
Case-by-case situation, not applied broadly
Circulation history
Citation counts are often used as a criterion.
Duplicates are reviewed title by title, but they might be identified as being duplicates by system-generated lists.
For journals, deselect when electronic back file is purchased.
In the medical library, when titles are contained in electronic journal packages (with PORTICO or LOCKSS backup) or
electronic back files/archives with perpetual access agreement and PORTICO or LOCKSS backup.
Last copy retention guidelines (deaccessioning duplicates)
Lists together with shelf review
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