16 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
1. Within the past two years, has your library been involved in activities to determine whether print
materials should be relocated to a staff-only, on-site shelving area, or a remote shelving facility, or
considered for a collaborative retention agreement, or deaccessioned? N=65
Yes 61 94%
No 4 6%
If you answered “Yes” above, when you click the Next button below you will skip to the section
On-site Shelving Strategy, the first of four sections on each print retention strategy.
If you answered “No,” when you click the Next button below you will skip to the section on
Managing the Growth of Print Materials.
2. Does your library send print materials to a staff-only, on-site shelving area, for example, an
automated retrieval system, adjacent shelving annex, etc.? N=61
Yes 30 49%
No 31 51%
If yes, are these decisions part of on-going collection management activities or are they handled
on a project basis? N=30
Both on-going and project-based 25 83%
Project-based 4 13%
Part of on-going activities 1 3%
Comments N=8
Both on-going and project-based
Certain categories of new materials are sent to our automated retrieval system (RRS). In addition, there have been
several weeding projects that have identified materials for the RRS since the initial load.
Chiefly print journals. The back files were moved into storage approximately two years ago and new issues of active
titles are shelved in storage with the back files as they are received.
Materials are routinely moved to the on-site shelving area, primarily through annual loads of serial runs.
Project-based currently, but on-going activity soon.
Government documents, archival collections
Mostly consolidation of print holdings, but one branch will close in the near future.
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