SPEC Kit 337: Print Retention Decision Making · 25
Notes in catalog records
Other librarians may be told informally (through email, for example) when older reference materials are sent to storage.
Older journals are sent to storage from a branch library on a routine basis and this is stated in the online catalog.
10. What department is responsible for crafting and implementing the communication strategy about
which print materials to include in your on-site shelving area? N=20
Associate University Librarian, Collections/Services to Libraries
Because we have had on-site shelving for 30 years, there has been little need for a major communication strategy.
If we did, strategy would be set by the dean, the AUL for Collections, or the Library Executive Council. In general,
communications are tailored to specific disciplinary audiences by the relevant liaison librarians.
Collection Development (2 responses)
Collection Development Officer, Director of Library, and committee selecting materials going into facility
Collection Management, administration, public relations
Collection Management, External Relations
Collection Strategies
Collection Strategy and Management
Collections Communications Public Services
Communications Office
Library administration
Mostly done via Library Resources Council or Access Services (Annex policies &web pages).
Our communication strategy is fairly informal and limited to library employees.
Senior administrators, collection management staff
Technical Services Division/Collection Management
The standing committee has made recommendations and been responsible for internal communication. Dean’s office
has been responsible for external communication.
We don’t have a formal communication strategy.
11. Were external sources of information, such as reports from Ithaka, ARL, ALA, OCLC, etc., consulted
when developing the communication strategy? N=25
Yes 4 16%
No 21 84%
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