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Depository Policies
13.1.2 Delivery and return of returnable Depository materials will be accomplished using the existing Five College delivery service.
13.2 Non-returnable copies.
13.2.1 The process for requesting non-returnable copies of Depository materials will be established by the Depository Manager or
his/her designee in consultation with the Five College Librarians Council or its designee.
13.2.2 Non-returnable copies will be delivered either in paper or electronic form or both in accordance with the Depository’s
technological capabilities and the needs of the user.
13.3 Delivery Time Standards.
13.3.1 The Five College Librarians Council or its designee will determine service standards for document delivery requests.
Interlibrary Loan 14.
14.1 Requests for loans of returnable items or copies of depository materials to other than Five College libraries will be processed
through standard interlibrary loan procedures and will follow the National Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States.
14.2 The Five College Librarians Council or its designee will determine any fees for interlibrary loan services.
Use of Depository Materials for Reserve 15.
15.1 Books may circulate to Five College Libraries for reserve use.
15.2 Articles from Depository periodicals for reserve use will be duplicated and delivered to the requesting Five College reserve
15.3 Requests for exceptional loans of periodical issues or volumes will be negotiated between Five College library staff and the
Depository manager.
Lost or Damaged Materials 16.
16.1 If the material borrowed from the Depository if lost or damaged, the Library that initiated the borrowing request will be
responsible for replacing the item and sending the replacement to the Depository.
Statistics 17.
17.1 Statistics will be collected regularly for the purpose of reporting to federal, national, and regional organizations and for internal
management purposes.
17.1.1 Statistics will be shared with the Five College Librarians Council and other Five College library staff as appropriate.
Cooperation 18.
18.1 Libraries outside the Five Colleges may apply for Affiliate Membership.
18.1.1 Affiliates may contribute volumes to fill gaps in selected collections held at the Depository (See Appendix C) Affiliates relinquish ownership of any volumes they send to Five Colleges, Inc. Affiliate collections are identified with a note in the 590 field of the Holdings record in Aleph. In the event that Depository
disbands, the Affiliate collection materials will automatically be sent to UMass.
18.1.2 Fees for Affiliate Members are set by the Five College Librarians Council.
18.2 At the request of the Five College Board of Directors, the Five College Librarians Council will explore ways to cooperate with
other New England consortia in the development of regional or remote depositories.
Dissolution of the Five College Depository 19.
19.1 In the event of the dissolution of the Five College Depository, materials designated as part of the Affiliate collections will
automatically be sent to UMass as will any other materials contributed by UMass. The Five College Collection Management
Committee will recommend to the Librarians Council an appropriate distribution of the volumes owned by Five Colleges, Inc. to
Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges. The Librarians Council will make the final decision about the distribution
of volumes owned by Five Colleges, Inc.
Policy Revision 20.
20.1 These policies may be revised by a unanimous vote of the Five College Librarians Council.
Adopted unanimously by the Five College Librarians Council, January 2013. This policy supersedes the March 2002, the May 2008
policy and the Copy of Record Agreement.
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