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Print Journals Withdrawal Project
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Print Journals Withdrawal Project
Review print holdings of journals with electronic equivalents (1980- )that are available to both local and ILL
borrowers and where the Library has purchased archival rights.
Read Jay's Word Document distributed at the May 18, 2011 IRC meeting which provides the
context for the review as well as additional information.
Journal Titles To Be Reviewed and Evaluated
Front files (1980- )of journals for which we have purchased online backfiles with archival rights and where
our license permits ILL.
With one exception (Annual Reviews), these are the same journal collections that were withdrawn during
the recent collection relocation of pre-1980 titles to the warehouse as a result of the mold situation.
Process and Timeline
Assumption is that all of these titles will be withdrawn unless a recommendation is received to retain the
print copy. If print volumes of a title are retained, they will be located in the warehouse.
Subject librarians can review a union list of all titles in call number order (Union LCCN tab on Jay's
spreadsheet) to identify appropriate call number ranges and review those titles.
To recommend a title for retention of the print volumes, send an email to both Jay and Nancy by 5PM on
Wednesday, June 8th and provide the following information:
Compelling reason for retaining the title (e.g. Images,Rarity, Potential historical significance, etc)
Deadline extended until 5PM on Friday, June 17th.
Jay's Excel spreadsheet contains the following tabs:
Collections -List of the collections being reviewed
Union LCCN -Combined list of all titles to review sorted by LC call number
ACS -List of American Chemical Society titles
AR -List of Annual Review titles
IOP -List of Institute of Physics titles
Nature -List of Nature titles
RSC -List of Royal Society of Chemistry titles
ScienceDirect -List of titles in 12 ScienceDirect subject backfile collections
Wiley -List of titles in 3 Wiley subject backfile collections
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