SPEC Kit 337: Print Retention Decision Making · 63
43. What department is responsible for crafting and implementing the communication strategy about
which print materials to deaccession? N=32
Access, Information and Research Collection Strategies Library Administration
Administration, Acquisitions
AUL, Collections/Services to Libraries
Collection Development (5 responses)
Collection Development, Library Dean, and AD’s.
Collection Management, administration, public relations
Collection Management (2 responses)
Collections and Technical Services
Collections Services, Outreach
Collections Strategy and Management
Collections, Communications, Special Collections, Copyright Office
Dean’s Office in consultation with University Communications. Using practices developed for previous project.
Dean’s office, Outreach office
Information Resources Council (all subject selectors), Library Administration
Library Administration (2 responses)
Library administration with the research services (liaison librarians) teams
Library administration, in collaboration with collection development staff
Library has a policy of light deaccessioning on a regular basis, so no special communication is required. When we have
larger scale projects, we then do much more external communication.
Library Resources Council
No single department
The Information Resources Management Committee oversees the communication of the Withdrawal Bulletin, which is
developed by the Cataloguing Department.
The shelving and storage committees
There is no formal communication strategy. Policies are developed within the Collections Division.
University Librarian’s Office
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