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If born-digital materials contain sensitive data, researchers may be required to apply to the Institutional Review Board to
gain access.
In the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, registration is done through standard Rare Book registration procedure.
Elsewhere within the library system it is via informal request to curatorial staff or administrators. This will continue to
vary depending on the type of material or collection, its nature, and its custodial location.
Materials available online via DSpace or Archive-It do not require user registration. All other materials require a user to
register on-site as per our default researcher policy.
Normal archives patron registration process.
Normal registration process.
Patron registration form.
Reader registration and being on-site at the library is required to access all restricted collections.
Registration through paper form is required of all users. Special Collections and Archives staff enter the information into
a restricted database and shred the paper forms.
Required to fill out online registration form and note which collection they are accessing.
Same as for all SC/A materials.
Same as for on-site use of any special collections.
Since all access is on-site (except for some oral histories), they would undergo the same reader registration process
required for users of paper collections. Processed oral histories that were originally recorded digitally (not digitized from
analog tape) are available without registration in the Louisiana Digital Library, a CONTENTdm site.
The same as we would for paper materials.
They complete the standard Patron Use form that all users complete.
Users fill out a form. After completing it, staff review it and allow researchers to create an account in our DSpace system
to access the material. The registration applies only to born-digital materials that we put into our Virtual Reading Room,
due to copyright or confidentiality issues. Some of our born-digital material is open to all users online.
We are rarely able to make born-digital materials accessible, but when we do, patrons must complete the same
registration process as patrons using papers in our reading room.
While we cannot provide access at this time, access to born-digital records for onsite users will require registration.
Yes, the same as any other user.
Answered No
Haven’t thought about that.
However, on-site researchers have to register into the research rooms and on-site researchers using a library-provided
computer have to register use of that computer, but not to access born-digital materials per se.
Not for materials in the IR or on the open web, but if made available only within special collections, the same
registration process that applies to all users would be used. A paper form is filled out, and the researcher must provide
photo ID.
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