34 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
create and ingest METS packages. None of this workflow is specific to born-digital content but works equally well with
digital and born-digital content.
We have different workflows for different content types. All workflows are preliminary and evolving.
We have implemented Archivematica as a key element in our accessions workflow.
We have localized workflows for some of our materials (e.g., EDTs), and are looking at methods for managing ingest in
a more distributed or decentralized manner.
Workflow for our theses & dissertations: students submit electronically through a web form in our DSpace repository
and there are two levels of validation by people afterwards within the repository before it is published. We used
workflow models from other universities when setting our own.
Workflows in Development
In process of developing.
In process of development as library; VRA workflow model used by art image library.
There are some workflows in place, however, they are in the process of being reviewed and modified/expanded.
This is a work in progress.
This is in the midst of change. Based on a preservation repository model. Current challenge is the model for collections
being processed and what to do until they are processed.
Training the campus photographers to add some of their images into a CONTENTdm system hosted by the library.
We are currently in the process of creating these workflows and hope to have them implemented by the end of the 2012
calendar year.
We are currently in the process of creating these workflows with a vendor.
We are experimenting with ingest into DSpace. Very early stages.
We are in the midst of developing proper ingest procedures: some parts worked out, some not so much.
We are in the midst of developing such workflows. However, we are building the infrastructure to support these
initiatives from the ground up and do not anticipate being able to ingest significant quantities of born-digital content for
at least a year.
We are in the process of developing workflows.
Workflows and policies still in development. Waiting for sufficient, *secure* storage infrastructure.
Workflows are in development.
9. Does your library currently ingest born-digital records stored on legacy media? N=64
Yes 49 77%
No, but we plan to 12 19%
No, and we have no plans to 3 5%
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