122 · Representative Documents: Gift/Purchase Agreements
Duke University
Donor Agreement Addendum for Electronic Records
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book &Manuscript Library
Duke University
Electronic Records Addendum
The Donor acknowledges that the Library acquires the materials with the intent of making them available
for an ongoing or indefinite period of time. In order to accomplish this, the Library may need to transfer
some or all of these materials from the original media as supplied by the donor to new forms of media to
ensure their ongoing availability and preservation. The donor grants the library rights to make
preservation and access copies of materials in the collection and to make those copies available for use.
The Library may contract with university staff or outside contractors to store, evaluate, manage and or
analyze materials in the collection. Any such arrangements must abide by the terms of this agreement.
Upon accessioning, the Library will transfer all electronic records to a secure server space with restricted
access. Descriptions created for each group of records will indicate whether or not they are likely to
contain Secure Electronic Information (SEI). When the records are processed, the Library will use
standard software packages to scan the content for common types of SEI (phone numbers, social security
numbers, etc.) Records containing SEI will be embargoed and processed later in accordance with any
restrictions outlined in this agreement and with the Library’s policies and practices.
Does the Library have your permission to decrypt passwords or encryption systems, if any, to gain access
to electronic data received as part of the materials?
If no, such materials may not be retained by the Library.
Does the Library have your permission to recover deleted files or file fragments, if any, and provide
access to them to researchers?
___Yes, under the following conditions
Does the Library have your permission to preserve and provide access to log files, system files, and other
similar data that document your use of computers or systems, if any are received with the materials?
___Yes, under the following conditions
The Library will review the materials in the collection in an attempt to identify items that contain
sensitive information. Please indicate below your awareness of materials that may sensitive information.
___To the best of my knowledge, these materials do not contain sensitive information.
___I believe that the materials are likely to contain sensitive information such as
____Social Security numbers
____Bank account numbers
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