SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 133
univerSity of michigan
Sustainable Formats and Conservation Strategies at the BHL
11/9/2011 4
Tier 1: Preservation of Sustainable
Tier 2: Conversion Strategies
for At‐Risk Formats
Tier 3: Bit‐Level
Video Files
MPEG‐1/2: Moving Picture Experts
AVI: Audio Video Interleave File
MOV: QuickTime Movie
MP4: Moving Picture Experts Group
(with H.264 encoding)
MJ2: Motion JPEG 2000
MXF: Material Exchange Format File
DV: Digital Video File (non‐
Convert the following to MP4
(with H.264 encoding):
SWF: Shockwave Flash
FLV: Flash Video
WMV: Windows Media Video
RV/RM: Real Video
All others
Office Documents and Text Files
DOCX: MS Word Open XML
XLSX: MS Excel Open XML Document
PPTX: PowerPoint Open XML
PDF: Portable Document Format
PDF/A: Portable Document Format
TXT: Plain Text File
RTF: Rich Text Format File
XML: Extensible Markup Language
Data File
CSV: Comma Separated Values File
TSV: Tab Separated Values File
Convert the following to Office
Open XML:
DOC: MS Word Document
XLS: MS Excel Document
PPT: PowerPoint Document
All others
MBOX: Mailbox File
Convert the following to MBOX:
EML: Email Message
PST: Outlook Personal
Information Store File
Eudora mail, etc. (40 total)
All others
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