SPEC Kit 329: Managing Born-Digital Special Collections and Archival Materials · 103
University of Waterloo
Digital Special Collections Librarian
materials according to national and international standards as appropriate and as they are
evolving. The incumbent is responsible for the establishment, documentation and
implementation of processing procedures for digital archives and digital special collections
necessary to maintain intellectual and administrative control of the collections.
The public service aspect of this position requires detailed knowledge of the background and
content of both book and archival collections in the Department for the provision of
information service and the preparation of exhibits and occasional publications, and requires
as well knowledge of methods of research. The incumbent acts as liaison between the Library
and University Faculties and units and performs research at the request of University officials
and administrative departments and must have a broad knowledge of the history of the
University and its administrative and academic organization. The incumbent assists as
requested in University and Library development activities and related events, performing
research and providing materials for anniversaries, open houses, reunions, yearbooks, slide
shows, histories and other publications.
The incumbent will lead diverse project teams of individuals working on digital preservation
efforts throughout the Library, and may have co-op students, technical staff and assistant
archivists reporting to them as required.
Statistical Data
Specific Accountabilities
To lead the development and implementation of the Library’s digital preservation and
digitization program including for example integration with discovery and access of
locally managed tools.
To manage digital collections and archives of textual, graphic, audio-visual, research data
and other materials by accessioning, arranging, describing, preserving, and making them
available for use, through the associated OAIS functions of ingest, archival storage,
administration, access, and preservation planning.
To maintain an awareness of national and international standards and practices including
those emerging and under development, recommending these for local use.
To assist with the management of collections in analogue formats by accessioning,
arranging, describing, preserving, and making them available for use.
To articulate, create and maintain internal and external electronic records, documents,
indexes and files which facilitate processing, information access management and
reference/research functions.
To provide information access to archival collections in accordance with international and
national standards, with the Department's policies, needs (including requirements for
monetary appraisal), standards and to maintain related files.
To ensure the continued development of existing special collections by assisting with the
appraisal and acquisitions function, particularly regarding transfers of digital archives and
To perform research as appropriate and to provide information service to researchers by
answering specific reference requests concerning the collections, invigilating researchers
using the collections, providing assistance to users, and preparing displays,
presentations and by preparing and updating electronic publications, finding aids and
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To supervise part-time activity in the preparation of materials for archives. 9.
To lead or participate in the planning and execution of special projects and to participate
on task groups or committees when required.
Working Conditions
Human Resources
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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1
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