48 · Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses
Storage PolicieS and ProcedureS
14. Please briefly describe who is responsible for each of the following storage activities/functions
(e.g., special collections/archives staff, library IT staff, parent organization IT staff, etc.). N=63
Selecting Storage Solutions
A combination of Special Collections/Archives and library IT staff 18 29%
Library IT staff 14 22%
A combination of library IT and campus IT staff 6 10%
Campus IT staff 3 5%
A combination of Special Collections/Archives, library IT, and campus IT staff 3 5%
Other 19 30%
Ad hoc committees led by central library IT
Archives, digital curation leadership, and library network/system administration
Digital Services and Shared Collections Department and Digital Development and Web Services Unit, in conjunction with
institution-wide IT
Digital Strategies committee (drawing from library IT, Special Collections, and other units within library)
Electronic Records Archives Program Management Office (within Information Services) and Preservation Staff (within
Research Services)
For the repository, the Director of Integrated Information Systems works with a team, including network administrators
and the digital data curator. The Special Collections/University Archives staff will lead a library (possibly university) team
to select an electronic records management system for the university.
Institutional records: a team consisting of the records manager, college archivist, archives staff and institutional IT.
Personal materials: college archivist, special collections technology coordinator, manuscripts supervisor.
IT staff at the Southwest Collections/Special Collections Library, Digi Resources Library Unit, and the University Library
Library & parent IT staff/consortia
Library administration (once Library Systems recommends)
Library Information Technology Office and Library Digital Programs Division
Library IT and the Carolina Digital Repository
Library IT and the Office of the CIO
Library IT staff, in consultation with Special Collections and Preservation/Digital Initiatives
Library IT/Digital Initiatives
San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
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